Graffiti (+ other art stuff)

This is mostly a gallery of spraypaint pieces done under the tag "Lain", but there are some other bits and bobs here too.
You can also find an early gallery of my conventional paintings I did as a kid with the button below.


Me At Desk

Oxford University, 2018


(Click to see dark version), 2018

Gondola Feels Blue

Oxford University, 2018

Gondola and the Stars

(w/ Cheng), 2018

Sunhat Gondola

Leake Street, London, 2018


Assistance from K, 2018

Lain Tag (Navy)


Merry Christmas

Leake Street, London, 2017

Gondola Pulls An Allnighter

Based on a true story, 2017

Lain Tag (Purple)

NSDM Area, Amsterdam, 2017

I Want To Leave

NSDM Area, Amsterdam, 2017

Koi Fish

The Westbank Notting Hill, London, 2017

Utility Box

Limmat Riverside, Zurich, 2017

Play Damn You!

Photo taken 2007 by the cDc NSF

Lain Tag (Orange)



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