DIY Projects And Plans
Often started, rarely finished

I like to do personal projects. I like to do a lot of personal projects. Sometimes I even finish them!

Most of the projects I completed are below, but this website is still being updated so some of them might just link directly to PDFs.

Particle Acclerator

A homemade electron gun I built out of household items to help me get into university.

MatLab Projects

i n p r o g r e s s

The ChoonMachine

Raspberry Pi project to play good tunes AKA "choons" with video on a CCTV monitor. Mostly software work, code included.

The PirateBox

Hacked router-turned-media server I made so that everyone near my room can stream movies. Howto and code included!

Hummingbird PDF

The Hummingbird H-500

I designed a plane! (not really, it was just for a competition)

Pictures of my cat

Some people might say this isn't a project. I would tell those people to shut up and get off my website.


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