My Writings
Dumb shit, on paper

Mr Empty (TW)

By Roger Hargreaves (not really)


The story of a clinically depressed Mr Man living a tortuous existence.

Yes I am okay, stop asking.

The Apocalypse & Advertising

This 100% will happen or your money back


This is an essay about how I'm pretty sure the end of the human race will go down. I have a variety of these little armageddon theories, so I might make more of these.


A coming of age story

Cerberus' maidenhead

This is an odd one, its a little story about two brothers, memory and transhumanism in a weird semi-futuristic world.

Site Three

A dream

the white fountain played

I dreamt of this place once when I was very ill.

I tried to put it down on paper as accurately as I could.

The Pipe Strip

Analysing A Garfield Cartoon

Makes you think...

An in-depth analysis of the complex and twisted strands of meaning, allegory, and hidden depth behind a seemingly innocent cartoon.

Loosely based on the Lasagna Cat video

Wintermute Bar

A Day In The Life

The Observer

Its a story about nothing. The goal was to convey the cozy plodding familiarity of a daily routine, but just to make it marginially more interesting I set it in the year 2057. Light cyberpunk themes.


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